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Global Touch Ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating educational opportunities, building quality educational environments, and supporting communities.

Supporting Educational Opportunities Across The Globe.

Global Touch Ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students across the globe. Our organization has already established a memorial scholarship that recognizes young adults pursuing a career in the healthcare field and partnered with a school in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica to support the educational mission and surrounding community.

With the support of our partner, Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church, we hope to continue our efforts in impacting education and communities worldwide.

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Outreach Efforts




Global Dynamics Healthcare Scholarship Fund

Established in the memory of Ryan Brumfield, the Global Dynamics Healthcare Scholarship Fund works to support young adults seeking careers in the healthcare field.

COVID-19 Assistance

To combat the spread of COVID-19, Global Touch Ministry conducted a mask drive to help provide necessities to our outreach community in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica.

Over 300

masks, bottles of hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes donated

River Rock Primary School

Global Touch Ministry's primary outreach campaign has focused on River Rock Primary, a school in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. Serving over a school of 100 plus students, ages 6 -12, Rock River Primary requires assistance in a number of areas - from the school building itself to technology supplies and learning materials. The school’s mission is to not only provide quality education to their students but to also support their community.

So far our campaign has helped provide structural repairs to the school, supplied learning tools, laptops, and materials, and conducted a toy drive. Global Touch Ministry is looking for partners and individuals that are looking for monetary donations, supplies, or even time to help us in our mission to provide quality education to the students.

Stage 1: Complete by Jun 1, 2022

  • School introductions with GTM
  • Assessment of Repairs
  • Find ALL Contractors for Painting, Construction, Roofing, Bathroom Renovation
  • Find Architecture Firm – Create vision and model for sharing
  • Fans for all Classrooms
  • Courtyard and Driveway Renovations
  • School Supplies
  • Laptop for Teachers
  • Freezers and Food Supply
  • Holiday Gifts All Students
  • Speakers
  • Projectors

Event – Back to School – Event Date 08/26/2022


Stage 2: Complete Sept 2022

  • Bathroom Renovations – 4 total Bathrooms (complete in Jun/July)
  • Roof Repairs
  • Renovations of Classrooms for Maximum cooling and Painting
  • Playground Renovations
  • Classroom furnishing – NEW Desk

Event – Christmas Toys for Students & Gifts for Staff 12/02/2022


Stage 3: Complete for Dec 2022

  • Playground Renovations Soccer Equipment, Goals,
  • Turf Track – gated area
  • Field lighting


Stage 4: Spring 2023

  • Kitchen Renovations – build-out and paint
  • Science Lab – Furnish – paint, build-out
  • Computer Lab – Furnish - paint and build-out

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Send us a donation via Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church donation page to help our outreach missions.

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